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PHP script for unzipping zipped files in Linux hosting environment
Scripted by Cobus C H Taljaard (cobus DOT taljaard AT gmail DOT com)
Free to use and change as you see fit. No guarantee provided. Use at own risk!
I've tested it on Linux hosting.

When you need to FTP a large amount of files in one sitting, it takes a lot of time.
It is MUCH quicker to FTP a zipped file and then to extract the contents (with directory
structure) on the server itself. Something that took me over ten minutes now barely takes

FTP the "unzipper.php" and "pclzip.lib.php" files to your online folder containing the zip file/s and run it from your browser
This script only looks for zipped files in the same folder as where the script is run from!
NB NB NB - this script overwrites all files without asking. Please make sure you are using the
correct directory. I advise you to first test it with a small zip file containing one dummy text file.

Let's say you have zipped files stored in the folder that you want to unzip
Then you need to FTP "unzipper.php" to the same "zips" directory of
Now access "" from your browser